Meet our instructors

Hi! I'm Mr B

Owner / Instructor

I started learning martial arts at the age of 7 and earned my first black belt at the age of 13 in the art of Tae Kwon Do, and have been teaching ever since as well as continuing my learning path in the arts. I now have been teaching martial arts for just under about 30 years. In that time, I have broadened my knowledge and background by learning the styles of Wing Tsun, Krav Maga, and Jui Jitsu both Brazilian and Japanese braches.

Hi! I'm Mr. Anderson

Head Instructor

I’m the current Head Instructor at Balance Academy of Martial Arts. I’ve studied Tomiki Aikido for 10 years where I earned my first Black belt, I also have a 3rd degree Black belt in Tae Kwon Do. As well, I have studied in the arts of Jui Jitsu, and Judo. I Participated in the 2017 world Tomiki Aikido tournament in Japan. My favorite quote is “When in doubt over do it”

Hi! I'm Ms. Hurkett

Assistant Head Instructor

Starting at young age Ms. Hurkett would practice boxing and Tae Kwon Do with her father. She entered Combat Hapkido as a young teenager and received her first Black Belt at sixteen. She also trained in and taught Krav Maga, Tae Kwon Do, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai and a few other fun arts. Ms. Hurkett lived in Japan for a while and upon returning she went back into teaching martial arts and is now a part of the Balance Academy of Martial Arts family, teaching a tailored art of the name Hito Sei Do. When she’s not teaching, she’s busy running an art business, attending anime conventions and binge watching shows with her family.

About Balance Academy Of Martial Arts

We teach students ages 3+ a well-rounded reality-based style composed of the best techniques of 6 different styles. We focus on every detail as well as the tenants of martial arts (i.e.; Honor, Respect etc.) and the in-depth history behind all styles. We have a fun family environment complete with obstacle course and top-notch training equipment. Our instructors are the best there is, and are all background checked and certified.

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